Chrysler/Dodge/Ram ICOS RAX-jailbreak GOLD

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  • Our software is currently NOT compatible with systems running software version 16.51.xx or newer. Please verify your currently installed software version before ordering to ensure compatibility with your vehicle. You can check your currently installed software version under “system information” in the “options” menu.

    Customtronix ICOS RAX-Jailbreak. Check our Youtube for more info.

    All features are possible to uninstall and reinstall at will by the customer via USB, in order to tailor the product to suit your needs.


    1. Lockout disable
    2. Front cam feature enable
    3. Rev cam feature enable
    4. Cargo cam feature enable
    5. Force front cam feature
    6. Force cargo cam feature
    7. Force Rev cam Feature
    8. FrontView
    9. ParkPro
    10. SRT enable (viper logo). SRT is available for the ROW, EU, MX versions of the 8.4″ radio (but not for the American NA and some CA version).
    11. RAX cable harness for Plug & play
    12. Including-1x High end camera
      Including-1x 3rd brake light with high end camera pre-installed
      * extra camera 40 EUR (optional)
      (items 11 and 12 shipped via FEDEX)

    Lockout disable will let you search addresses in motion, also be able to watch VES, if equipped. SRT can be enabled on select models (viper logo).

    Rev Cam Reroute- Dodge RAM, model year 2013-2015 equipped with cargo camera from factory is displaying the rev camera in the rear view-mirror. The rev cam video signal can be rerouted to the Uconnect 8.4″-monitor instead, but this will use one of your available video inputs. We will include a video cable for this for free with your order, if you inform us that you want one during the ordering process. This cable has to be soldered in place.

    Rev cam – The rev cam will power off automatically at 5 mph! This is controlled by a LIN-bus that we can not control. You can cut the LIN-bus wire to enable the rev cam at all speeds, but the active guide lines will be lost in the process.

    Jailbreak does not add GPS or map to your radio. If you have navigation before adding the jailbreak, then the maps will still be there after installing the jailbreak. Customers in EU, GCC and OZ may add Jailbreak in addition to a RAX conversion if they wish.
    Our home page is undergoing major changes to make the ordering process easier. Until everything is done, we need extra information about your vehicle before ordering.
    We needs to know:
    1. The VIN-number for the vehicle you intend to upgrade.
    2. Is your car an SRT-car?
    3. Do you have video entertainment system installed (VES)?
    4. Do you have reverse cam from factory?
    5. Do you have cargo cam installed from factory?
    6. Is it already converted? (for European and GCC customers only)

    We need to know these things to create the correct software for your upgrade. First list the VIN-number then any other info for each VIN number. after or underneath, clearly indicating to what VIN number the specification belongs.
    Info we needs to make a Token

    Type the VIN numbers of the cars whose navigation systems would like to convert in field (A). If you need more space, enlarge the message box by dragging the corner of the box (B)

    Dealer?? Create a dealer account to view dealer prices!!

    European customers: Some navigation radios not modified by us have the update feature disabled. These radios have to be shipped to us to be installed manually, shipping costs apply.

    Go to: and find out what type of radio you have. Chrysler have several Look-alike-radios. Only radios below can use our RAX Jailbreak or conversion software.

    Following designation codes will accept RAX Jailbeak software:

    VP4 ROW RJ4 (Rest Of the World / Export)
    VP3 ROW RJ3

    VP4 NA RA4 (USA)
    VP3 NA RA3

    VP4 CA RX4 (Canada)
    VP3 CA RX3

    VP4 MX RX4 (Mexico)
    VP3 MX RX3

    VP3 EU RG3 (Europe)
    VP4 EU (RG4)

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