Chrysler Pacifica 2017 ICOS RAX USB conversion RX3/4

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  • Our software is currently not compatible with systems running software version 16.51.xx or newer. Please verify your currently installed software version before ordering to ensure compatibility with your vehicle. You can check your currently installed software version under “system information” in the “options” menu. If you have software versions like 16.51..xx to, like 17.11.xx please consult our support before placing orders. Some Other Chryslers 2018 cars is also on the “no-fly list”, instead consider our DIY kit.

    Leave your software version in the text-box when placing the order.

    Customtronix ICOS RAX USB conversion converts the Pacifica 2017 uConnect 8.4A/AN from other regions (ROW/NA/MX/CA) into EU standard with a simple USB upgrade you can do yourself. Supported languages are English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Brazilian, Portuguese and Russian. Our standard conversion enables you to use map databases of Europe and parts of Russia. As well as ROW FM-radio steps. For more info on conversion check our Download Center and our RAX.

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    Important points about conversion:

    • Works on all versions and models!! (Rx3/Rx4 ROW/NA/MX/CA)
    • 2016 cars can only have the SRT if they are SRT cars (from factory). 2013, 2014 and 2015 cars can have SRT.
    • DAB radio can be activated on request, make sure to check that your car have DAB antenna (95% of all cars have not). If not, error codes can cause problems..
    • Cars that come from USA/Mexico/Canada and that have radios with VP3/VP4-NA, -MX or -CA as model number can not have DAB because these radio versions have different hardware lacking DAB functionality.


    Before finalizing your order, make sure to use the free text field to inform us of the VIN-numbers you would like to purchase licenses (tokens) for.
    Please see below for an example:


    Type the VIN numbers of the cars whose navigation systems would like to convert in field “A”. If you need more space, enlarge the message box by dragging the corner of the box (B)
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    Following designation codes that we can do:

    VP4 ROW RJ4 (Rest Of the World / Export)
    VP3 ROW RJ3

    VP4 NA RA4 (USA)
    VP3 NA RA3

    VP4 CA RA4 (Canada)
    VP3 CA RA3

    VP4 MX RA4 (Mexico)
    VP3 MX RA3

    VP3 EU RG3 (Europe)


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