Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge RHB (430N) conversion

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    • 499.00
  • Customtronix convert the MyGIG RHB. The conversion is covering the maps/database, only.  The map covers Europe. Languages are: English, Spanish and French menus (ONLY !!!!).

    The maps can after conversion only be updated by us. On most cars (not all) Radio frequencies/steps and DVD region can be set in the car configuration by a garage having a StarScan tool. Even frequencies are NOT AVAILABLE for RHB-units made exclusively for USA. The same goes for some cars.

    IF you have a VES system on-board (Vehicle entertainment System) You need to change the DVD region for the VES (Roof DVD) in the cars vehicle configuration system (via CANbus) to EU region. You need a StarScan tool. Note: If you are upgrading your old car (like a 2009 car) with a MyGIG you may need such things as Bezels fill, Mic and new GPS antenna to properly install a MYGIG system in a older Chrysler car.

    The conversion must be made by our staff, send the head-unit to us. Disassembly manual is available on our website.

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