CTX HDMI Streamer

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    • 59.00
  • The CTX HDMI-streamer is an HDMI-to-Composite converter which is what you need to run HDMI appliances together with your Jailbreaker Enigma products.

    This package includes:

    HDMI-to-Composite video converter
    Step-down converter for 12V power source

    If you would like to mirror your phone together with this product, you will need to purchase the following equipment as well (NOT included and NOT supplied by us) :

    HDMI-adapter specific for your phone model. (Make sure to purchase OEM equipment!!)

    Every phone model needs its own specific HDMI-adapter so please consult your local phone supplier to see what you need to get HDMI video output from your phone. We strongly and wholeheartedly recommend purchasing OEM original HDMI-adapters from the same manufacturer as your phone! This specifically applies to Apple products!! Chinese clone garbage from ebay is cheap for a reason; it doesn’t work! Stick to original equipment to save yourself from headache and keep yourself from being locked out by future software updates.

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