Jailbreaker 360 BIRD VIEW

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  • ***You will need a RAX Jailbreaker Silver/Gold (sold separately) or Jailbreaker Enigma Premium (sold separately) to be able to use this product. ***

    The Jailbreaker 360 BIRD VIEW is an aftermarket bird view camera system for your vehicle. Some high end vehicles like select Ford F150 editions as well as some Mercedes Benz vehicles come with a bird view camera system that makes parking a breeze! If you have seen one of these in action, you probably want one!
    The video signal is displayed on your Uconnect just like a reverse camera that you may or may not already have.

    One camera is installed on the front of the vehicle, one on the back and one camera in the side mirrors on each side of the vehicle. When this system is installed and calibrated, all four cameras work together simultaneously to create an image of your vehicle from above (bird view) which helps when parking. This is possible due to the cameras having fish eye lenses that the main computer then merges into one video feed, which is displayed on your Uconnect monitor.

    Installation of this product is VERY difficult, as it requires wiring to the cameras that are fitted in the side mirrors. You will have to navigate through the cable tubes from the cabin and into the door and then out into the side mirrors. There is no model specific installation diagram for any vehicle model! Don’t be time optimistic. This does not happen in your garage on a rainy Sunday afternoon. This takes LOTS of time and effort to succeed. Please don’t attempt this unless you have a lot of time and patience on your hands. As the difficult part of this installation is the install and calibration itself, we are not able to give any installation support for this product as we need to be physically with the vehicle to see what is right or wrong. We give a one year warranty on the hardware parts that we sell, but the installation needs to be done by someone who is very experienced with car electronics wiring and camera calibration to be successful.

    After the installation is done, the system is calibrated using a calibration mat which is included in the package. The system is then controlled with the supplied remote control, which is only used when making changes to the system. If you set it to display the 360 bird view image, it will keep doing that every time you use it until you change that setting which you do with the remote. Other than for making changes, the remote is not used.

    The Customtronix 360 BIRD VIEW system has a USB-port as well, which allows recording video from the system.

    This product is compatible with Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM vehicles equipped with the 5-inch version of Uconnect, as well as the Harman Becker made 8.4-inch monitor version of Uconnect. Some models (RB5/6 8.4N) from 2013-2015 and 2017 such as Dodge Charger, Challenger, Journey and Chrysler 300 are NOT compatible with Jailbreaker Enigma, as they are equipped with a non Harman Becker made system that we have no means of controlling…. Yet… We’re working on it, don’t worry.

    Product contents:

    • 360 bird view hardware
    • Camera (4 pcs)
    • Remote control


    • Motion lockout disable
    • Added video inputs for cameras
    • Added video input for multim

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