Jailbreaker Enigma LOCKOUT Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM 2013-2018

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  • Customtronix presents the Jailbreaker Enigma LOCKOUT. The Jailbreaker Enigma family of products is a CAN-bus simulator that changes Uconnect settings in order to enable features that your vehicle is not equipped with from factory, but in an OEM fashion. This product will disable the motion lockout in your vehicle, making it possible to enter addresses, pairing bluetooth devices among other things. With the Jailbreaker Enigma LOCKOUT installed, your Uconnect system will act the same while the vehicle in motion, as it normally does when the vehicle is in park. ***Vehicles of model year 2017 and newer will ONLY allow entering addresses into the navigation while the vehicle is moving! NO other features will change with this product!!*** 

    The Jailbreaker Enigma is a 100% plug & play kit which is connected between the Uconnect head unit and the vehicle. It is simple to remove if needed for vehicle service appointments or if you need to return your leasing vehicle. The Jailbreaker Enigma runs with OEM Uconnect software and is not affected by software updates. This is a hardware solution that does not need any software installs or updates whatsoever.

    This product is compatible with most Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM vehicles equipped with the Harman and Panasonic 8.4-inch monitor version of Uconnect. Some models (RB5/6 8.4N) from 2013-2015 such as Dodge Charger, Challenger, Journey and Chrysler 300 are NOT compatible with Jailbreaker Enigma, as they are equipped with an older system that we have no means of controlling. Please give your VIN in the check-out process.

    Please update your Uconnect head unit to the latest software version to ensure compatibility with the Jailbreaker Enigma line of products! Updates are free of charge to download from Chrysler!


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    Product contents:

    • Jailbreaker Enigma LOCKOUT hardware
    • Jailbreaker Enigma cable harness.


    • Motion lockout disable
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