RAX Blu-Ray Mod ICOS region CONVERSION of car players..

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    • 249.00
  • RAX Blu-Ray Mod. Find out more at our YouTube channel.

    The blu-ray player has to be shipped to us for conversion. We will add our RAX modification so your car will play EU movies (Blu-Ray region B and DVD region 2). This is for all new chrysler/dodge cars with the VES system with the screens on the back of the front seats. This modification does not work for Chrysler Pacifica.
    You get.
    • Blu-ray region B
    • DVD region 2

    Works on

    • VP4 ROW RJ4 (Rest Of the World / Export)
    • VP3 ROW RJ3VP4 NA RA4 (USA)
    • VP3 NA RA3VP4 CA RX4 (Canada)
    • VP3 CA RX3VP4 MX RX4 (Mexico)
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